Endorse Fair Maps Illinois

For a select group of people, they don't just want to stop at collecting signatures from their friends and family. They want to go even further and publicly endorse Fair Maps Illinois. Whether you are a community leader, an elected official, a social media influencer, or just someone who's fully committed to changing our state, we need your voice and your public support!

Your endorsement, whether personal or organizational, shows the strength of the Fair Maps Illinois movement.

Who's endorsing

Janet Shaw
Dennis Smith
Marcus Davis
joseph villiger
Elaine Kellicut
Brad Morin
Denise Kalina
George Orozco
Patti Howard
Lori Solyom
Allen Weise
Linda Rapacki
Adam Gawel
Kathleen Monahan
Ingrid Hoper
Denise Kalina
Gloria Hill Hupe
Denise Kalina
Birgit Mansfield
Cheryl Salinas
Ann Holtz
BrianandTeresa Campbell Brian Campbell
Jan Nahorski
Kim Eckrote
Susan Sosin
Roger Claar
Abby Ferguson
Ron Kendall
Bill Kissner

Will you endorse?