Endorse Fair Maps Illinois

For a select group of people, they don't just want to stop at collecting signatures from their friends and family. They want to go even further and publicly endorse Fair Maps Illinois. Whether you are a community leader, an elected official, a social media influencer, or just someone who's fully committed to changing our state, we need your voice and your public support!

Your endorsement, whether personal or organizational, shows the strength of the Fair Maps Illinois movement.

Who's endorsing

Alyssa Walter
Andrew Lindsey
Kathy Ritger
Margaret Lindsay
Cynthia Riesing
Sally Crook-Pfefferkorn
Jane Majewski
Jeff Howicz
roger lauger
Vince Manini
Michael O'Toole
Frances Lopez
Mary (Conroy) Simpson
Jeanne Dominick
John Tanner
Keith Gargiulo
Martin G Kevil
Stephanie Irvine
greg fuller
Randy Ramey
David Avignone
Jack Fugger
richard hofer
Kenneth Kunka
Tammy Fritch
James Williams
Janet Shaw
Dennis Smith
Marcus Davis

Will you endorse?